Initiative Queer Nations e.V. (EN)

Initiative Queer Nations e.V. – „Through science to justice“

„Through science to justice“, this quote from the legendary reform sexologist Hirschfeld is the leitmotiv of our organization. In order to put into practice what Hirschfeld has proclaimed, the Initiative Queer Nations is asking for your attention, your support, and your ideas for the foundation of an organization that our land, and not only ours, is lacking: A center for scientific research as well as a memorial for homosexuals, an academy that will be fundamental in promoting our cause.

(c) Foto: Magnus Hirschfeld Gesellschaft

Homosexuals have gone much further in this country than anyone could have imagined forty years ago, when the article 175 was still in practice, and when homosexuality was being prosecuted as a crime. But despite the progress that we have made, a scientific institution that deals exclusively with homosexuality remains still only a dream. Magnus Hirschfeld once had started to build such an institution. However, his Institute of Sexology, his „think factory“ for all sorts and ways of sexuality that did not fit into the category of reproduction has been destroyed by the Nazis and his archives have been, almost completely, deleted.

The Initiative Queer Nations, founded in May 2005, wants to recover what has been lost and progress into the future. „In our Name“ means: lesbians, gays, heterosexual men and women, scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, members of work committees, members of the German army, physicians, Christians, Jews, Muslims and a large number of supporters, who make this cause their own.

This website wants to enlighten, to make suggestions, to share ideas – so that in just a few years we will see the day when the German president will proudly cut the ribbon to our center. This signal would not be overlooked: Germany is a liberal country, a country that appreciates homosexuality and that protects lesbians and gays. The story of the homosexual minorities has to become part of our national history: a part that everybody can be proud of.

We would like to thank all of our supporters, our sponsors, the curators, who have become
ambassadors for our cause in their field of work: Success lies in our hands as well as in yours.


Elberskirchen-Hirschfeld-Haus – A queer landmark in Berlin

Creating a public forum for queer research, learning and culture in the heart of Berlin, that is IQN’s paramount goal. Different organizations dedicated to the exploration of gender and sexuality will invite the public to engage with questions around LGBTI*. The discussions that Johanna Elberskirchen, Magnus Hirschfeld and others have initiated and that were brutally ended by the Nazis in 1933, here they can flourish anew. The project thus sends out a message on local, national, European and global levels, a widely visible signal for the recognition of sexual and gender diversity.

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