Initiative Queer Nations e.V. (EN)

Queer Nations Initiative – „Through Science to Justice“

“Through Science to Justice”, this quote from Magnus Hirschfeld, a legendary German sexologist, is the motto of our association. In order to realize Hirschfeld’s legacy, Queer Nations Initiative seeks your support, your contributions and your ideas. Our goal is to create a place that our country, and not only ours, needs. We seek to establish a platform that includes not only a center for scientific research, but also a memorial dedicated to the suffering and the persecution of homosexuals in the past as well as an academy that will be instrumental in promoting our cause.

(c) Photo: Magnus Hirschfeld Gesellschaft

The LGBTQ community in Germany has achieved much more than anyone could have imagined forty years ago when homosexual acts between men were punishable by law and prosecuted. Irrespective of the challenges and the progress that we have made, a scientific institution that focuses exclusively on LGBTQ issues is still only a dream. Magnus Hirschfeld had once embarked upon this realization. However, his Institute of Sexology, a “think factory” for all kinds of sexuality that did not fit into the category of reproduction, was destroyed by the Nazis and his archives are almost completely lost.

Queer Nations Initiative, founded in May 2005, aims to reunite what has been lost whilst moving forward at the same time. Among the various groups of the LGBTQ community that we wish to represent are lesbians, gays, heterosexual men and women, scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, members of work committees, German army personnel, physicians, Christians, Jews, Muslims, and a large number of supporters who make this cause their own.

The purpose of our website is to provide information, to make suggestions, and to share ideas, so that in the near future we may well see the day of official recognition of our endeavors and the inauguration of the LGBTQ center in Berlin. The message would be unequivocal: Germany is a liberal country where homosexuality is accepted and members of the LGBTQ community see their rights being protected. The history of sexual minorities must be included as an integral part of our national history that every individual member of the LGBTQ community may be proud of.

We would like to express our gratitude to all our supporters, sponsors, and all involved who have become ambassadors for our cause in their field of work. Success lies in our hands as well as in yours.